The Mitzvah of Giving: Pass it on!

The Jewish tradition teaches us the importance of giving to worthy causes. Our personalized Tzedakah box can help make it easy. Display it in the home so all family members can participate in the mitzvah of giving.

It’s simple!
Just drop loose coins into your Philly Friendship Circle Tzedakah box whenever you find them in your pocket, purse or lying around on the table. Over time the box will fill up without you even realizing it! Then, it’s time to pass it on.

• Empty the box
• Count the coins
• Determine whether you’d like to donate the actual coins or the full value of them

Ways to Give:

1. In Person

Bring the box to our office or our next event. It’s a very rewarding and satisfying feeling for children to take part in the mitzvah of giving. We’ll supply you with a brand new box to start the process again.

You can be in touch with us via to coordinate. Please label your bag with your name, address, email, cell phone number so we can acknowledge your contribution. 

******Looking for fun activity with the kids? Republic bank is the only place that still has coin counting machines. Check out their coin counting for everyone here:

2. Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal

Keep the change! But please VENMO the value of the tzedakah box:     

CashApp: $PhillyFriendship
Venmo: @PhillyFriendship
PayPal: director@phillyfriendship.com_

3. Right Here!

Keep it simple. Click here to fill out the form below and pay directly. 

4. Write a Check

Old-school donations are gladly welcome! Write a check to Philly Friendship Circle in the amount of your collection and send to P.O. Box 25067 Phila, Pa 19147


Email us at and we’ll send one to you. Be sure to include your address.

Thank you in advance for passing on your generosity. We are grateful.

Tzedakah Box Donation: