Inclusive Birthright Israel Trip

Birthright Israel provides a free trip to Israel for all eligible young Jews. Over 10 years ago, through Birthright Israel trip providers, we began leading accessible trips for young adults with disabilities. (Please note that this trip is initiated and run by Birthright Israel, and Philly Friendship Circle works with Birthright Israel to make it as accessible as possible.) Our goal is to provide an authentic Birthright Israel experience with a mindfulness to accommodate everyone and ensure memorable connections with the land and with each other. 


This 10-day trip offers an immersive experience for participants. On our must-see list, we visit the Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Safed, and more. We infuse these stops with Israeli food, music, shopping, and activities. We discuss how we each practice Judaism, what it means to be an American Jew and our shared heritage. The trip is an incredible experience for participants–returning rejuvenated, confident, independent, and ready to take on challenges while forming new friendships. Check out our whole highlight of the 2023 trip on our Instagram, right here!




Each applicant is treated as an individual when determining their eligibility for the trip. While Philly Friendship Circle staff is open to a vast array of circumstances and encourages anyone interested in an inclusive, accessible trip to inquire further, ultimately Birthright Israel is responsible for the application and decision process. If you know anyone who may be interested in the trip, forward them this information. Please keep in mind the following Birthright guidelines. Participants must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 to 32 (for this trip specifically) 
  • Have at least one Jewish parent and/or converted to Judaism
  • Have never been to Israel for more than 1 semester 
  • Have never served or volunteered in the Israeli Army
  • Not be Israeli citizens (few exceptions)

* Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility criteria.
* If the applicant is between 27-32 years old, please contact us if the system does not accept your application.


Typically, registration opens in January or February and closes within 2-4 weeks.
Limited Spots Available

If interested, fill out this form so we can keep you updated on upcoming trips!