The Journey of Friendship

Our mission is to build inclusive friendships. But not just any friendships; genuine, mutually fun, and committed ones.

True connection.

Being in the “business” of friendship for over 19 years, we know that true friendships may have valleys as well as peaks. There are times when all friends face major changes, grapple with challenges, or have miscommunications with each other.

There is no forcing friendship! But, along our own journey, we’ve learned that there are certain shared experiences–and helpful acknowledgments– that build what we describe above.

It is all a part of The Journey of Friendship. It’s not a sprint;

it’s a marathon. True friendship is to walk alongside

each other and just be a friend.

To be a member of Philly Friendship Circle is to be yourself

and have fun. And, ultimately, to go out and give this to others… Full-circle. Connect with the dots (and hearts,

and stars) of The Journey of Friendship below!