Teen Leadership Board

We offer a variety of unique leadership opportunities for teens who wish to make a deeper commitment to our mission. These programs go hand in hand with our Fellowship Awards, provide comprehensive leadership development, and are excellent credentials on college admissions applications.


Participants gain valuable leadership skills, provide integral support to Friendship Circle programs, and participate in exclusive community engagement activities. Through our dynamic and rewarding meetings, teen leaders engage in group workshops and strategic discussions building the future of Friendship Circle. We infuse the program with exciting, thought provoking events which raise awareness and strengthen advocacy for the special needs community. Leaders gain hands on experience working alongside the FC staff to recruit new members and run our programs.  


Our program offers different tracks which have varying degrees of commitment and responsibility. These opportunities create various access points for any teen to get involved where they feel comfortable. 

Teen Leadership Roles

General Board

General board members will help guide our path for future curriculum and outreach. They will be involved in further enhancing our programs to be more meaningful and enjoyable, as well as recruit peers for our programs and community events. Through this experience they will work on creativity, goal setting, and teamwork with their fellow board members.

Executive Board

The executive board is comprised of teens who have previously served in the general board and want to further their commitment to leadership. They are the co-chairs for the general board committees and through that experience they have the opportunity to enhance project management skills like creating agendas, following through with tasks, and gathering feedback.


Our mentors are a group of our most dedicated teens who have participated in our leadership programs throughout their high school years. Mentors have the distinct privilege of being chairs of our annual fundraising events, as they learn about the fundraising and development side of our community events. This is also a chance for them to mentor and guide the incoming group of teen leaders and share insights from past boards and experiences.

Teen Board Liaison

This position is the connection point between our organizational board of directors, and our teen body. The Teen Board Liaison will periodically collect program assessments from teen leaders via feedback sessions, and act as a representative of the general teen body to FC staff and our board of directors.


Every leadership board member is required to participate in the following:

  • 3 General Board Meetings, monthly committee-specific meetings, and additional check in meetings as needed
  • Be an active part of the Philly Friendship Walk campaign
  • Be an active part of the Art Show  
  • Pack and deliver “Mishlochei Manot” packages for Purim
  • Be an active part of the FC Annual Gala

Applications open in the spring.

Email our Outreach Coordinator, Amanda, to learn more!