Children & Teen Programming

Fun, friendship, and genuine connection for youth (ages 17 & under). You’re welcome to join our Circle!

We’re glad to be an extraordinarily accepting, caring community that offers engaging programs for children and teens, both with and without special needs. Our mission? To build inclusive, genuine friendships.

From weekly Sunday gatherings, to family trips, to social and educational community events, we’re here to make the Philadelphia area more accessible to all, with respect for all of our friends’ needs!


MVP – Warm welcome “entry program” into our inclusive world of FC – great Bar/Bat Mitzvah project (ages 12-14)

Sunday Circle – Sunday afternoon gatherings for pairs of friends to hang out in group activities (ages 2-17)

Friends@Home – Choose your own time and activities – at-home weekly visits with a friend

Leadership – For teens who want to more deeply commit to our mission & build the future of Friendship Circle

Fellowship Awards – Awarded to teens and young adults who demonstrate an outstanding dedication to FC

Community-wide events – Join as our whole community (from a wide span of ages and backgrounds) comes together for Jewish holiday celebrations, as well as annual events like our Walk, Gala, and Art Show