Sunday Circle

Think of Sunday Circle as an awesome day camp, with 4 groups rotating from activity to activity. As much as Sunday Circle is a structured environment, we also seek to create a customized experience for everyone and their unique needs. We encourage friends to at least try each activity, but you will also see pairs of friends going on walks throughout the program, or sitting down on the floor to read a book together. 

Our only 2 rules are BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!

We provide a lot of support via our full-time staff and also have a full team of Friendship Experts on site, who are professionals in the special needs field. In addition, our activities are led by professional facilitators and educators.

We rotate our Sunday Circle activities from week to week, always giving friends a chance to explore new ways to have fun! However, there is always one steady presence on our activities schedule, which is… our Art Studio! The Studio is led by our dedicated Art Therapist, and culminates in a gallery-style show of the work that our youth artists create throughout the school year. (At the end of the school year, all artists’ work is made available for purchase.)

Meanwhile, parents can join our popular networking and information sessions (or simply enjoy some free time) in our specially dedicated Parent Lounge.

Email our Communications & Engagement Lead, Chava Tova, to learn more!