Mitzvah Volunteer Program

Through activities, games, and multimedia presentations, MVP participants learn about communication, human development, diagnosis and more. We teach these subjects through special needs advocacy, Jewish values and current events. This dynamic and interactive approach, opens doors to meaningful discussion and personal growth for participants. In addition to the weekday meetings, MVPers will participate in our new Sundays@Home program to get firsthand experience making inclusive friendships.


Spring 2 Session of MVP will take place on weekday evenings from the week of April 12th to the week of May 10th, with an informal Meet & Greet taking place the week prior to the first meeting. The dates and times for meetings will be decided by the families in each session. 

  • Informal Meet & Greet: To take place the week of April 5th (date/time decided by the families in each session)
  • Week 1: Virtual Introductory Meeting (At least one parent must attend)
  • Week 2-4: Virtual Meetings
  • Week 5: Virtual Final Meeting (At least one parent must attend)

Programs & Events:

MVPers will be required to attend:

  • Sundays@Home on 4/18 and 5/2

In addition, MVPers are encouraged to participate in the following dates of Sundays@Home outside of the MVP session (dates to be announced).

To learn more about our MVP Program, please email us at