Mitzvah Volunteer Program (MVP)

MVP is an access point for tweens and teens (6th & 7th Graders – ages 12-14) who are interested in getting involved in Friendship Circle, and being inclusive friends. MVP is also an engaging and meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project. The program builds a foundation to understand and accept each other’s differences and how to apply those lessons at school, synagogue, home, and future Friendship Circle programs!


Through activities, games, and multimedia presentations, MVP participants learn about communication, human development, diagnosis and more. We teach these subjects through special needs advocacy, Jewish values, and current events. This dynamic and interactive approach opens doors to meaningful discussion and personal growth for participants. In addition to weekday meetings, participants and their parents attend Sunday Circle to get a hands-on experience participating at our programs. 

5 Weekday Meetings

  • In-Person Orientation – 1.5 hours – At least one parent must attend
  • 3 Digital Meetings – 1 hour each – Parents are not required to attend
  • In-Person Final Recap Meeting – 1.5 hours – At least one parent must attend

Meetings may be held on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon or evening. The exact weekly meeting day/time is determined by the availability of participants in each MVP session!

3 Sunday Circle Programs

Get a glimpse behind the scenes and join the fun with new friends. 
1 parent expected to attend
Location rotates based on session


“Although I was apprehensive at first to join FC, the more I participated, the more comfortable I felt. FC taught me kindness and respect because I learned… how to embrace other people’s differences.” – Mia, graduate of our MVP program, from the pulpit at her Bat Mitzvah