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Group walks and hikes in the great outdoors with Rabbi Zev and Chani Baram.

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Connect with your FC community by helping to distribute holiday packages throughout the year! 

In case you missed it… Sunday Circle is BACK in-person, in partnership with great local synagogues who are hosting us!

Sunday Circle provides weekly opportunities for friends ages 17 & under to gather and do all kinds of engaging activities — from art, dance, and karate, to drumming, music, and more.

We are in close contact with medical advisors who guide us in our Covid protocol. Masks are optional. Please pay attention to how you are feeling. Please STAY HOME if you are not feeling well and/or if you tested positive for Covid within the past 5 days. If the initial 5 days have passed, please be sure to wear a mask for an additional 5 days after that.

Email our Outreach Coordinator, Amanda, to learn more!

Check out all the dates on our calendar

Schmoozing, networking, learning about resources, and beyond… with parents who “get” you — and us, your community who’s here to support you.

“I feel part of a larger, special community. I went to my first event with my son a few weeks ago and realized that I knew other parents who were also members of the Friendship Circle! It made me feel closer to them and lucky that I found out about this organization!” – Nancy, FC Mom

Parents’ Lounge

Catch a breather or join fellow parents to connect, learn, and support one another while we get to spend time with your awesome child(ren)!

Parent Seminars 

Learn from and connect with a large network of FC parents! Join workshops that are practical and truly beneficial to YOU, on topics such as: care providers, changes in laws and how they affect individuals with disabilities, and planning for your child’s future.


Sign up for our local online community of Friendship Circle parents–a great resource for networking and support! Reach out and let us know if you’d like to be added to the group.

Parents’ Nights Out (and In)! Nosh. Connect. Shmooze.

Welcoming hangouts for FC dads, pampering nights and calming yoga practices for FC moms, and beyond… Multiple opportunities to socialize and take a breather with parents who “get” you–and us, who know you’d like some respite.

Birthright Israel provides a free trip to Israel for all eligible young American Jews. Over 10 years ago, we began a partnership to run an accessible trip for young adults with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an authentic Birthright Israel experience with mindfulness to accommodating everyone and ensuring memorable connections with the land and with each other. 


This 10-day trip offers an immersive experience for participants. On our must-see list, we visit the Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Safed, and more. We infuse these stops with Israeli food, music, shopping, and activities. We discuss how we each practice Judaism, what it means to be an American Jew and our shared heritage. The trip is an incredible experience for participants–returning rejuvenated, confident, independent, and ready to take on challenges while forming new friendships. You can check out Jess’s blog of the 2019 trip here.


June 20-30


Each applicant is treated as an individual when determining their eligibility for the trip. As staff we are open to vast array of circumstances and encourage anyone interested in an inclusive, accessible trip to inquire further.

If you know anyone who may be interested in the trip, forward them this information. Please keep in mind the following Birthright guidelines. Participants must:

* Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility criteria.
* If applicant is between 27-32 years old, please contact us if the system does not accept your application.


Registration closes: Jan 30


Our newest offering exclusively for young adults!

These 6 in-person events offer “night out on the town” excitement, with the warm fuzzy feelings FC is known for!

Join us to hang out and get to know fellow young adults in the community.

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This program is made possible with the support of the Jewish Federation’s Community Fund.

Are you a young adult connected to Friendship Circle?

A current member or alumnus?

Come join our Young Adult Virtual Happy Hour where we hang out, do fun activities together, and even play some games.

This is a great way to stay connected to Friendship Circle even if you have graduated or live away from home!

To join our Young Adult Virtual Happy Hour, please check our Weekly Emails for the Zoom link or contact

Check out all the dates on our calendar

This program is made possible with the support of the Jewish Federation’s Community Fund.