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Birthright Israel provides a free trip to Israel for all eligible young American Jews. Over 10 years ago, we began a partnership to run an accessible trip for young adults with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an authentic Birthright Israel experience with mindfulness to accommodating everyone and ensuring memorable connections with the land and with each other. 


This 10-day trip offers an immersive experience for participants. On our must-see list, we visit the Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Safed, and more. We infuse these stops with Israeli food, music, shopping, and activities. We discuss how we each practice Judaism, what it means to be an American Jew and our shared heritage. The trip is an incredible experience for participants–returning rejuvenated, confident, independent, and ready to take on challenges while forming new friendships. You can check out Jess’s blog of the 2019 trip here.


Upcoming Trip Dates TBA


Each applicant is treated as an individual when determining their eligibility for the trip. As staff we are open to vast array of circumstances and encourage anyone interested in an inclusive, accessible trip to inquire further.

If you know anyone who may be interested in the trip, forward them this information. Please keep in mind the following Birthright guidelines. Participants must:

* Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility criteria.
* If applicant is between 27-32 years old, please contact us if the system does not accept your application.


Registration is now closed.

Our newest offering exclusively for young adults!

These 6 in-person events offer “night out on the town” excitement, with the warm fuzzy feelings FC is known for!

Join us to hang out and get to know fellow young adults in the community.

This program is made possible with the support of the Jewish Federation’s Community Fund.

Are you a young adult connected to Friendship Circle?

A current member or alumnus?

Come join our Young Adult Virtual Happy Hour where we hang out, do fun activities together, and even play some games.

This is a great way to stay connected to Friendship Circle even if you have graduated or live away from home!

To join our Young Adult Virtual Happy Hour, please check our Weekly Emails for the Zoom link or contact outreach@phillyfriendship.com.

This program is made possible with the support of the Jewish Federation’s Community Fund.

Fellowship Awards are presented to teens and young adults who demonstrate outstanding commitment to Philly Friendship Circle. We honor their dedication at an annual Fellowship Award Ceremony at the end of each programming year. 

To receive an award:

30 hours = Bronze Fellowship Award
60 hours = Silver Fellowship Award
90 hours = Gold Fellowship Award
120 hours = Platinum Fellowship Award

*Hours roll over from year to year, allowing recipients to achieve higher levels of recognition at each milestone.

**Package assembly and delivery hours count towards Fellowship hours. Please take photos and log your hours for accurate recording.

Awardees must also have participated in 2 out of 3 FC Community Events (Philly Friendship Walk, FC Art Show, Annual Gala) in some way (i.e. attending the event or volunteering at it, actively fundraising, creating material to be displayed at the event, etc.).

2022 Fellowship Awardees

Platinum (120 Hours):

Elisheva Apple
Solvej Berman
Eric Cohen
Livvy Kaliner
Shoshana Pontell

Gold (90 Hours):

Ayelet Cooperberg
Tali Erlbaum
Bobby Taieb
Carly Zeitzer
Fallyn Zeitzer

Silver (60 Hours):

Logan Bass
Hannah Berman
Jessica Dubin
Talia Erlbaum
Jake Goldstein
Maddie Klein
Tyler Orens
Ethan Silber
Karly Teicher
Gideon Wolf
Avi Wood

Bronze (30 Hours):

Aaron Arnold
Chaya Baum
Molli Curtis
Elad Daniel
Solomon Fishman
Ashley Frazer
Carolyn Kelly
Logan Lisausky
Joey Lobman
Sammy Mazurek
Jayden Pappa
Aiden Yanoff

Alumni Pioneer Committee

The Alumni Pioneer committee brings our dispersed Friendship Circle Alumni Family together. We plan all sorts of virtual events throughout the year and would love for you to be involved!

Email us at alumni@phillyfriendship.com to join today!