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Thank You To Our 2022 Sponsors

We are so grateful to all our friends who came aboard our Friend Ship!
You can still catch the virtual event, videos, and ad journal to celebrate with us.

Bosom Buddy

Hindy and Dov Baram

Best Friends Forever

Liza and Jon Seltzer

Vicki and Gary Erlbaum

Sandy and Steve Cozen

Cherished Chaverim

Dani and Jay Tapper

Danielle and Adam Illfelder

Amy and Andy Dorfman

Kelly and Michael Barrie

Perfect Pals

Jill and Mark Fishman

Stephen Klein

Margot Stein and Myriam Klotz

Alicia Felton and Sherrill Neff

Michele and Robert Levin

Jordana and Ben Cooperberg

Amy and Steven Erlbaum

Best Buds

Judi and Mark Goldstein

Gail and Elliot Norry

Elizabeth Cohen and David Whellan

Shari and Stuart Rudoler

Amy and Daniel Erlbaum

Lisa and Arthur Berkowitz

Nancy and Martin Black

Gail Simon

Debbie and Jeffrey Miller

Ali and Lee Sussman

Holly and Leib Meadvin

Susan and Jeffrey Schwartz

Awesome Amigos

Tracy and George Gordon

Margie and Jeff Honickman

Sandy Moss

Meegan Spector Rubin

Susan and Lewis Gantman

Erica and Alex Picker

Sharon and Jonathan Levin

Robin and Steven Katz

Susanna Lachs and Dean Adler

Miriam and Bruce Taubman

Malka and David Caroline

Jodi and David Miller

Julie and Rob Axelrod

Eve and David Kovsky

Jan and Pete Albert

Tracey and Shanin Specter

Marcy and Jeff Kramp

Debbie and Paul Kelly

Jake Finder

Tamar and Dovid Daniel

Cyndilee and David Kosloff

Sheryl and Richard Tregerman

Ellen and Harris Fishman

Ray Starzmann

Eydie Rudman and Howard Levin

Rena and Josh Kopleman

Jill and Lenny Feinberg

Susan and Paul Lichtman

Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg

Fast Friends

Beth and David Joseph

Betsy and David Rentz

Freda Pepper and Howard Bernstein

Juliet Spitzer and Phil Wachs

Laurie and Kevin Bass

Helene and Gregory Jaron

Elizabeth and William Shaid

Barbara Lichtman

Christine and Joel Cooperman

Maria and Thomas Federman

Darien Finder

Judy and Steve Sidewater

Leslie and Harris Wildstein

Kristen Amoroso

Susan Shilcrat and Harry Mazurek

Margie Wargon

Rebecca and Ari Adlerstein

Lucille and Richard Markowitz

Cristy and Mitchell Hollin

Hilde and Bruce Sham

Julie and Harris Miller

Jennifer and Michael Willner

Lee Ann and Scott Erlbaum

Andrea and Rich Gottlieb

Marcy and Dan Bacine

Lori and Ray Levin

Lori and Michael Axelrod

Joy Hoffman

Lauren and Albert Ravitz

Jodie and Mark Littwin

Terry and Alexander Brucker

Sherrie Willner and Janice Gorson

Alyson Simpson and Joel Lazovitz

Bonnie and Michael Coplon

Alyssa Terk and Denis Jablonka

Staci and Mitch Sklar

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