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Over 18 years ago,

the founders of Philly Friendship Circle
arrived in our community to survey the scene:
Was there a space, a lack, a want - a need?

Yes! Since then, we have been building a community where everyone feels that they belong.

We foster friendships between teens, young adults, and youth with special needs - and their families - through a full range of engaging programs.

Together, we create joy, understanding, and responsibility.
We call this, Living The Chai Life.

Event Co-Chairs

Lee Ann & Scott


Ali & Lee


"Over the past ten years, our families' lives have been nourished and fulfilled by this organization that we all know and love. It teaches us the true meaning of commitment, friendship and inclusion. The Hebrew word "chai" means "life" and is traditionally connected to the number 18, so this year is truly a milestone for our whole community! L'chaim to another vibrant 18, and beyond!"

- The Erlbaum & Sussman families

Youth Co-Chairs

Jessica Dubin

Talia Erlbaum

Madison Gindea

Tyler Orens

Alexa Sussan

Michelle Kelly

"No matter how we feel walking in, we know that we can count on Philly Friendship Circle to brighten - and be the highlight of - our day. We get to make new friends while doing unique activities that we wouldn't be able to do anywhere else! And we always feel so loved."

- The Youth Co-Chairs

Gala Ambassadors

Amy & Andy Dorfman
Vicki & Gary Erlbaum
Jill & Lenny Feinberg
Danielle & Adam Illfelder
Beth & David Joseph

Committee Chairs

Freda Pepper & Howard Bernstein
Sharon* & Jonathan Levin

*Board Liaison

See below for full committee list.

Honoring our 2022 Teens & Young Adults

Representing 60+ schools

2022 Graduated Seniors
Debby Armstrong
Danny Cohen
Molli Curtis
Gabrielle Dorfman
Dafna Erlbaum
Jonathan Evans
Lucas Glozman
Livvy Kaliner
Ben King
Madelyn Klein
Quinn Knittel
Jared Miller
Shoshana Pontell
Emily Schultz
Matan Schwartz
Josie Solomon
Shira Tillman
Yaffa Troodler
Alexa Verne
Benjamin Wolf

Teen Leadership Board
Talia Erlbaum
Jessica Dubin
Madison Gindea
Alexa Sussan

Executive Board
Sarah Baram
Yishai Daniel
Ashley Frazer
Carolyn Kelly
Logan Lisausky
Karly Teicher

General Board
Solvej Berman
Ayelet Cooperberg
Elad Daniel
Solomon Fishman
Izzy Greenberg
Ilana Illfelder
Noah Matunis
Ryan Singer
Ava Thur
Ava Trachtenberg
Olivia Trachtenberg
Noah Ufberg
Gideon Wolf

Our 2022 Teens
& Young Adults

Allyson Abramson
Leon Abramson
Elisheva Apple
Jacob Arnon
Nicole Banner
Dovi Baram
Joshua “Josh” Barrie
Logan Bass
Jordyn Beller
Daniel Benjamini
Grace Benoff
Evan Berman
Hannah Berman
Joshua Bleicher-Nugent
Steven Bomze
Maura Brody
Natalie Carpenter
Ethan Chalker
Mason Cohen
Eric Cohen
Michel Aharon Coplon
Liya Daniel
Sarel Daniel
Benjamin Dantzic
Avi Eckstein
Tali Erlbaum
Kayla Erlich
Johnny Everman
Ilana Fink
Ryan Fink
Micah Friedman
Lucas Galvez
Justin Glozman
Izzy Goldfuss
Chaim Goldman
Jake Goldstein
Sadie Gorberg
Dylan Gordon
Sophia Gottlieb
Katherine Hassell
Chloe Hedaya
Daniel Heffler
Nathan Horwitz
Talia Hurtig
Isabelle Illfelder
Miriam Jacobs
Jacob Joshowitz
Shayna Kaye
Noah Klehr
Samantha Kopelman
Ezra Kovsky
Asher Landrecht
Max Landsburg
William Levenson
Jonah Levy
Gavi Littwin
Joey Lobman
Luke McGivern-Cowan
Avery Meyer
Benjamin Miller
Noah Miller
Adam Miller
Ilana Mitlas
Aaron Nachlis
Bayla Nadav
Michael Neff
Dean Nelinson
Robert Nevison
Tyler Orens
Jayden Pappa
Brianna Pludo
Matthew Reiss
Stella Rice
Noam Rosenberg
Brooke Salon
Gaspar Santos
Briana Saunders
Rachel Schneider
Aaron Silber
Ethan Silber
Lexie Silberman
Shirat SimonHazani
Hadar SimonHazani
Adam Sklar
Emily Smukler
Evan Steiner
Raffi Stein-Klotz
Emily Strick
Robbie Stutman
Sophie Sussman
Izzy Sussman
Daniel Sussman
Bobby Taieb
Alexandra Tapper
Estey Tayar
Shaquira Taylor
Rikki Teicher
Jordan Thur
Noah Thur
Aubrey Tillman
Jeremy Tyszler
Charley Ufberg
Ella Ufberg
Alana Ufberg
Riffy Wolpert
Avi Wood
Aiden Yanoff
Carly Zeitzer
Fallyn Zeitzer

Gala Committee

Caren Barnet & Steven Abramson
Jan & Pete Albert
Julie* & Robert Axelrod
Simi & Marc Baer
Eric Berger & Melissa Lerman
Nancy & Martin Black
Iris & Larry Brownstein
Malka & David Caroline
Susan Hopko & Stuart Cohen
Rebecca Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen & David Whellan
Temma & Mendy Cohen
Holly Cohen & Leib Meadvin
Jordana & Benjamin Cooperberg
Sandy & Steve Cozen
Tamar & Dovid Daniel
Devorah & Shaya Deitsch
Joan & David Denenberg
Amy & Daniel Erlbaum
Amy & Steven Erlbaum
Lisa & David Erlbaum
Leiba & Marc Erlbaum
Pam & Scott Feldman
Alicia Felton & Sherrill Neff
Darien Finder
Jill & Mark Fishman
Tracy & Scott Gindea
Lauren & Jeff Gladstone
Laurie & Howard Goldstein
Judi & Mark Goldstein
Tracy* & George Gordon
Dini & Zushe Gurevitz
Noa & Josh Hedaya
Karen & Curt Heffler
Linda Heller & Zachary Weiss
Cristy & Mitchell Hollin
Margie & Jeff Honickman
Helene & Greg Jaron
Deborah & Paul Kelly
Amy & Michael Kopelman
Hadassah & Emanuel Korn
Chaya & Yisrael Kotlarsky
Eve & David Kovsky
Liza Kramer & Michael Golinkoff
Susanna Lachs Adler & Dean Adler
Arlyn & Bobby Landow
Chana Lane
Lori & Ray Levin
Michele & Robert Levin
Barbara Lichtman
Deborah & Mark Livingston
Marla & Bill Luterman
Rachel Pur & David Mandelbaum
Pninah & Marc Miller
Jodi & David Miller
Simone & Brian Nadav
Gail & Elliot Norry
Daniel & Craig Nurick
Michie & Skip Pasternack
Erica & Alex Picker
Michal Rabinowitz
Lauren & Scott Ravitz
Jill & Brian Rosen
Eydie Rudman & Howard* Levin
Shari & Stuart Rudoler
Susan & Jeffrey Schwartz
Liza & Jonathan Seltzer
Liz & Billy Shaid
Hilde & Bruce Sham
Michal & Shraga Sherman
Abby Siegel & Nathan Greenberg
Deborah Siegel
Gail Simon
Myriam Klotz & Margot Stein
Phylis & Darren Sudman
Stephanie Rosenfeld Sussan
Mara & Paul Thur
Amy & Jay Ufberg
Jen & Marty Wachs
Elissa & David Waldstein
Jen & Mike Willner
Deborah Winokur & Hanan Fishman
Dava & Eric Yanoff
Nikki & Jason Zwiebel

*Board member