Summer 2022


We’re crying (happy tears) … from all that we learned about friendship this year! It began with starting yet another season in the world of unknowns…Mainly, would we be able to see all of you, our beloved community, in person?!

But we anchored this Ship in our mission; what we’ve always known to be true… “What comes from the heart, goes to the heart. ”Together, we remained open & honest, while rooted & strong - doing whatever it took to keep friends connected all year long. Happy Summer, with beach balls, hot dogs, and love!

Yours in Friendship,


We’re always together, never apart: maybe in distance, but never at heart.

An FC family moves 1,200 miles away. Their destination? Omaha, Nebraska. That’s often where friendships come to an end – but not at FC.

Our dear friends, the Galvez-Klucinec family, were able to join our Gala from Omaha since it was virtual – and FC dad, Jorge, had this to say:

“Bawling in tears. So awesome. Thank you for sharing…The pandemic has been hard. But people like you keep us together and going.”

Stay true to your roots.
We started Friends@Home from Day 1 and, in Year 18, it’s still FUN!

Take an amazing family who’s an integral part of FC: the Tanens, and their friend Ahlanii! Add two dedicated MVP grads who answered an important call to return to friendship: Michel & Dovi.

Friends@Home is a tried-and-true recipe for friendship – and this energetic, fun-loving bunch started theirs earlier this year. Week after week, they built up their bond.

It’s the unique consistency and flexibility of Friends@Home that empowers genuine connections like this one. Plus: double the friends, double the fun!

Freedom of creative expression furthers our goals of being yourself and having fun.

(And cotton candy & beach balls can’t hurt!)

The boardwalk at FC is different from any you’ve been to before. We were finally able to host our annual Art Show in person again, and we’re still so thrilled by the palpable excitement and connection.

At our boardwalk, we had all the usuals – space to play and eat hot dogs, a caricaturist and sand art. But...the space was accessible, and the hot dogs were allergy-friendly. The caricaturist held a friend, who needed some support, in her lap while she worked. And the sand art station was led by an Art Therapist who understood the needs of our community.

The way something starts is not always the way it ends. Sometimes, the ending is even better.

Over five years ago, FC graduating senior, Ben Wolf, didn’t think he’d stay involved after becoming a Bar Mitzvah and graduating from our MVP program. But here we are, five years later! And, at this year’s Fellowship & Senior Awards Night, Ben told our audience:

“There came a point where I realized, I didn’t enjoy Friendship Circle just because I was helping others; I just genuinely enjoyed all the friendships that I was making.”

And then, leaving few dry eyes in the audience, Ben shared, “Friendship Circle is what I would think of when I think of an ideal community.”

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