Our Programs

A vibrant and caring community that provides fun activities in an inclusive space. Our programs create a welcoming environment that allows children, teens and young adults, both with and without disabilities, to form genuine friendships.  Join us at parent support groups, family trips, social programs for youth and help build a more inclusive community.


Do you do Friends@Home? Sunday Circle? We took the best of both to create Sundays@Home.

Young Adult & Alumni Programs

Come join our Young Adult Virtual Happy Hour where we hang out, do fun activities together, and even play some games. And, join our Alumni programs & events brought to you by the Alumni Pioneer committee which aims to bring our dispersed Friendship Circle Alumni Family together.

Mitzvah Volunteer Program (MVP)

MVP is an access point for tweens and teens (6th & 7th Graders – ages 12-14) who are interested in getting involved in Philly Friendship Circle and being an inclusive friend.

FC Goes Virtual

In cooperation with Friendship Circles around the country and around the world, we bring you FC Goes Virtual, an online platform for daily FC fun!


Fellowship Awards are presented to teens and young adults who demonstrate outstanding commitment to Philly Friendship Circle.


We offer a variety of unique leadership opportunities for teens who wish to make a deeper commitment to our mission.

Parent Programs

Our Parent Programs provide an inclusive place for respite, education, and support for caregivers.

Community Events

Join our many community events that bring our Friendship Circle Family together throughout the year.