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Bosom Buddy

Vicki and Gary Erlbaum •

Pine Street Foundation •

Cherished Chaverim

Amy and Andy Dorfman •

Judi & Mark Goldstein •

Perfect Pals

Tracy & Shanin Specter •

Best Buds

Susanna Lachs Adler and Dean Adler •

Amy & Daniel Erlbaum •

Shari and Stuart Rudoler •

Awesome Amigos

Har Zion Men's Club •

Tracy & George Gordon •

Meredith & Jonathan Hoffman •

Cristy & Mitchell Hollin •

Sharon & Jonathan Levin •

Susan & Paul Lichtman •

Simone and Brian Nadav •

Jill & Brian Rosen •

Hilde & Bruce Sham •

Special Smiles •

Miriam & Bruce Taubman •

Fast Friends

Jennifer Abramson •

Melissa Lerman & Eric Berger •

Sandy Moss •

Sunnie and Ken Rosenstein •

2 tickets to a VIP dinner at a private home featuring an intimate conversation with our youth followed by a special video premier.

Recognition on Philly Friendship Circle’s Gala website by sponsorship level.

Ad in the electronic ad journal by sponsorship level (premiering at the event and available on Philly FC’s Gala website).

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